1. Questionning the problem

We consider architectural commissions - and in particular architectural competitions - as a field of research with unexplored potential. It reflects the contemporary contracting owner aspirations and express the evolution of the expectations regarding the architects. Our goal is to shift the perspective, too often focused on the construction goal in order to explore the richness of the design process.

2. The object becomes the project

We believe that the role of the architect is no longer to produce an object, but to create the conditions for a new project approach. For the contracting owner the architect is first of all an ally, a coach, an advisor. We consider architecture as a relational practice, where the quality of the dialogue precedes the success of the project. The complexification of the construction contexts is deeply modifying our posture. When there isn't a single response, it is in the process that we find the right answer.

3. The speech is the method

Rather than authors we see ourselves as directors. Our action aims to gather around a methodology a project team, in an evolutionary and open approach. The coordination is not a constraint, it is the entry key. The quality of the film is first of all based on its actors. The evolution of the architectural form is not a betrayal, the intervention of the engineering team is not a concession, the project is enriched with each new contribution.

4. The movement precedes the form

We assume a protean architectural expression, where the story makes the project - and not the opposite. We do not believe in the neutrality or the rationality of a mode of expression, and prefer to explore the possibilities of each new project, without any preconditions. Dedramatizing the architectural signature enables us to privilege the appropriation of the users, echoing to their lifestyles and aspirations, creating new opportunities and accepting the unexpected. Form is a support, materiality is a mean, architectural expression is not an end in itself.

5. Unlocking the tools

Questioning the project organization means challenging the tools that produce it. Transforming the architect means enables us to redefine our professional identity. Decluttering knowledge enables us to create new interfaces for dialogue between partners. Our practice is multilingual, and deliberately blurs the boundaries between architecture construction and economy. We are convinced that sharing the knowledges is the prerequisite for an inclusive and truly meaningful architecture approach.

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