Valorisation du front de mer

Location : Le Portel, France
Year : 2018-2023
Client : Public
Surface : /
Budget : 1,7 M Euros
Status : Undergoing
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo, Fabio Papandrea

The city of Le Portel enjoys one of the most beautiful beaches of the Côte d'Opale. The planned developments of the coming years on the territory of the city are offering the opportunity to redefine the attractiveness of the seafront. Whether for the locals or the visitors, these new facilities and amenities will continue to develop the touristic potential of the town :

1. The Seaside balconies / 2019
These architectural objects are invitations to project towards the Channel. They punctuate the waterfront by creating new points of convergence. Located at the crossroads of the streets and quai Duguay Trouin, they open perspectives towards the horizon. The perspective effect is accentuated by the shape of the structures and their glass railing.

2. Lavatories / 2020
Located at the beach level, the goal is to rethink the services offered to users of the seafront. Each block includes two fully accessible lavatories. They are complemented by showers and changing rooms.

3. Dugay-Trouin Quay / 2021
The renovation of the seafront road will facilitate access and mobility to the beach. The new layout will also create the opportunity to host new events : temporary market, terraces, concerts... Retractable bollards will enable to change the width allocated to each mobilities according to the time of the year.

4. Lifeguard tower / 2022
To implement these new facilities on the youth center we plan to create a structure over the existing building. The new lifeguard tower enjoys an unobstructed view on the entire beach. The new multifunction space is an extension of the project. The interior space benefits from a large terrace open to the sea.

5. Pier / 2023
The pier developments will enable the implementation of a continuous bench as well as the implementation of a new concrete floor on the whole promenade. These reversible layout allows the wharf to be submerged during winter storms and host activities during summer.

Through these different interventions, our goal is to implement a coherent urban and architectural vision at the scale of the seasfront and to affirm the status of seaside city of Le Portel.


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