The seaside balconies

Location : Quai Duguay Trouin, Le Portel, France
Year : 2018-2019
Client : Public
Surface : /
Budget : 300 K Euros
Status : Completed
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo, Fabio Papandrea
Contractor : Novebat, Eurescal

These 3 balconies are lookouts over the sea,offering privileged points of observation on the maritime and natural environment of the city. For locals and tourists these structures offer the opportunity to redefine their relationship to the environment.

The three balconies are located on the Quai Duguay Trouin and the Quai du Calvaire at the corners of the three streets opening onto the sea. They are opening new perspectives and create a focal on the Fort de L'Heurt and the horizon. The funnel shape of the balconies reinforce the projection towards the horizon and the impression of perspective towards the Channel.

The entire structure of the balconies is made of steel. Each balcony is based on a system of 8 concrete micropiles. These foundations are anchored in the good soil under the cliff to more than 10 meters deep. The balconies are characterized by their raw materiality: wood, metal and glass.

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