A pavilions ecosystem for the Parc des Portes de Paris

Location : Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, France
Year : 2018
Client : Private
Surface : 3300 m²
Budget : N.c
Status : Competition First Prize (Jointly) / Undergoing
Team : Jeremy Germe and Chloé Thomazo

The northern sector of Paris has undergone many urban changes related to the evolution of economic activities : from the first factories to the contemporary commercial spaces. To meet this challenge, we imagined an urban metabolism, a lively street able to evolve and adapt itself to current and future needs, while preserving the identity of the current park.

We imagined the covered street as a collection of places that can extend the workspaces. These new spaces complement the productive function of business premises with a recreational and social function, based on communication and the fluidity of exchanges.

Like a living organism, the covered street is made up of multiple autonomous and complementary entities: the urban cells. The distribution of the pavilions in the public space generates a mesh of urban functions, while the users are passing from cells to cells during their walk. Each component of this covered street enriches the activity of the park: energy production, protection of biodiversity, storage of natural resources ...

The urban cells form a new type of covered street, which offers multiple paths and à la carte services, to meet the specific needs of each company. Our project develops various architectural spaces, creating a multitude of courses and experiences, to reinvent the way of living and working in the Parc des Portes de Paris.


12 Rue des Cinq Diamants 75013 Paris France
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