Renovation of a house in Leymen

Location : Leymen, Haute-Rhin, France
Year : 2014 - 2017
Client : Private
Surface : 332.9 m²
Budget : 350 k Euros
Status : Undergoing
Team : Jeremy Germe and Chloé Thomazo

This project is a complete renovation of a house built in the 50s. The first objective of the project is to transform the available space into a home that will be able to accommodate the evolution of the family P. While the ground floor is reserved for car parking and storage, the upper floor, at the level of the garden is the living space of the family. Largely open to the garden, it is framed by a strip of ground that marks the transition between the interior of the house and the outside.

The attic currently unused will accommodate rooms for children. This transformation of the existing roof is our main architectural intervention. It aims to emphasize the archetypal shape of the roof to make it the remarkable element of the house underlined by its metal cladding.


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