The rainbow bike lane project

Location : From Zoologischer Garten to Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin
Year : 2018
Client : Paper Planes
Budget : 3 000 000 Euros
Status : Undergoing
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo

This project aims to celebrate the unique energy of Berlin by making of the Radbahn a colorful bike lane crossing the city from east to west. The project offers the opportunity to change the perception of the city and to improve durably the comfort and safety of cyclists. In addition to adding an iconic aspect to the Radbahn, the rainbow bike lane is based on the innovative implementation of a recycled material.

The project aims to reinforce the contextualization of the radbahn through the city of Berlin. Thus, each color portions corresponds to a district, a place, a hub. Making of the rabahn a chameleon artwork across the city. The overall perception of the color gradient fades to become almost imperceptible on the scale of the cyclist who runs the bike lane. Almost unconsciously these colors become a new way to get around in the city.

The price of the recycled rubber surface used in the project is similar to the construction of a traditional bicycle lane (around 18?/M²). Furthermore, this product has the advantage of being durable, easy to maintain and will not waterproof the ground surface. In case of a fall or an accident, this material offers a softer and less abrasive surface than a standard tar bike lane. In addition to increasing safety this solution will reduce the risk of injury.


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