Renovation of an apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Location : Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris
Year : 2018
Client : Private
Surface : 120 m²
Budget : 130 k Euros
Status : Under Construction
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo
Photo : Edouard Sanville

The client's request was to create an apartment and an art gallery. We designed this space as a medium dedicated to his contemporary art collection, where he can also organize events and host his family and friends. The exhibition surfaces invade the rooms and the boundary between living space and exhibiting disappears.

Located in the attic of an Haussmannian building, the apartment was formerly occupied by offices : characterized by their low ceiling height and the division of the space in work units. The ceiling height is increased by destroying the plenum housing the technical components of the offices. This operation reveals the characteristic volume of the attic roof and a metal structure hidden until now.

Our main intervention aims to upgrade the technical facilities of the apartment and to improve the users comfort. By neutralizing the spaces, the whole apartment becomes a scenographic support, a standardized museum space, a white cube to inhabit.

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12 Rue des Cinq Diamants 75013 Paris France
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