Construction of 15 intermediary housing

Location : Eco quartier des Vaites, Besançon, Doubs
Year : 2018-2019
Surface : 1100 m² SDP
Budget : 1 200 000 Euros
Status : Undergoing
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo
Engineer : Image et Calcul

The project plot is located in the eastern neighborhoods of Besançon, in the Vaites eco-district, located 200 meters away from Fort Benoît tram stop. The plot is characterized by its slight declivity and the neighboring buildings are mainly family houses. The project can be summarized in 3 main objectives:

1. Affordable : for young couples and families
2. Desirable : an alternative to the choices that are imposed to young households
3. Sustainable : questionning the urban form, to the central problematic of construction costs

The project consists of 15 intermediate housing assembled in two buildings. Building A consists of 7 houses and building B includes 8 housing. In order to integrate these new constructions in an already constituted urban fabric, the two buildings are composed by a composition of typoligies of one- and two-storey dwellings. Intermediate housing must combine proximity and controlled prices. This leads to rethink the entire production chain of housing, from questionning the urban form, to the central problematic of construction costs.

Because land pressure encourages urban sprawl and leads households to increase their travel time, intermediate housing must reconcile residential choices and contemporary lifestyles. Housing must itself be part of a virtuous logic, both for the quality of life of its inhabitants and for the preservation of the territory of Besançon.

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