Renovation project of an apartment in Tel Aviv

Location : Jaffa, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Year : 2017
Client : Private
Surface : 80 m² Apartment / 180m² Terrace
Budget : /
Status : Undergoing
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo

The apartment is characterized by its large terrace almost twice as big as the apartment. This particularity has defined our approach to the project in a city where the average annual temperature is 20 °C we imagined an apartment were the interior spaces extend to the outside areas and vice versa. The apartment was thought as a holiday residence for a couple and their children.

In order to create this continuity, the renovation project can be summarized into 3 architectural elements - we called them the blobs. These elements allows us to free up space and create a plan free of any obstacles. These blobs are both inside and outside. They envelop the technical spaces of the building: elevator shaft, stair shaft and mamad - the personal bunker.

Each of these forms has a precise function. The first one is built around the elevator shaft and integrates the interior and exterior kitchen, it also includes the pantry and laundry room. The second one which envelops the staircase is dedicated to the bathrooms. It also incorporates a cabin thought as an extra bedroom. The las envelop is dedicated to storage. It is built around the mamad.

The boundaries between the interior and the exterior disappear, the terrace becomes the living room while the living spaces are located both inside and outside.


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