Intermediate housing project in Besançon

Location : Besançon, Doubs, France
Year : 2017
Client : Sedd25 & SAIEM B
Surface : 3200 m²
Budget : 3.3 M Euros
Status : Undergoing
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo, Yann Kevin Creff
Engineer : Yves Marie Ligot

Un logement nommé désir

Affordable : Because land pressure encourages urban sprawl and leads households to increase their travel time, intermediate housing must reconcile residential choices and contemporary lifestyles. Housing must itself be part of a virtuous logic, both for the quality of life of its inhabitants and for the preservation of the territory of Besançon.

Desirable : Because residential choices are more often constrained than chosen, intermediate housing must stop the logic of the territorial exclusion Besançon city center. It must propose an alternative to the choices that are imposed to young households.

Sustainable : Because residential arbitrage depends primarily on the solvency of the households, intermediate housing must combine proximity and controlled prices. This leads to rethink the entire production chain of housing, from questionning the urban form, to the central problematic of construction costs.

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