Renovation of the headquarters of a communication agency

Location : Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Year : 2017
Client : Private
Surface : 500 m²
Budget : /
Status : Completed
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo
Photo : Edouard Sanville

Headquarters renovation for a marketing agency

Faced to the evolutions of the work environments and to the mutations of work methodologies, the creation of spaces adapted to this new paradigm was an essential objective for this marketing agency. In order to best meet these expectations, the project proposes to put at the heart of these changes the employees of the office. In parallel, the comfort of the collaborators of the agency has been completely redesigned completely redesigned with the creation of a canopy. It protects them from heat in summer and cold in winter.

In the same time, the project offers an opportunity to enhance the existing elements. The objective is to reuse as much as possible the furniture elements while the items that will no longer be in use will be sold or recycled.

The 3 main interventions

+ A table able to accommodate the 40 employees of the marketing agency : this is the main element of the project. This central element aims to facilitate exchanges between people while offering them a comfortable space protected by the canopy. The table is also equiped with electrical and internet sockets.

+ The canopy was designed to improve the comfort of the employees of the agency. It integrates more than 40 plants, 52 lamps, 13 acoustic baffles, 4 wifi hotspots and 5 fans. All these elements are defining the acoustic and luminous environment of the worktable.

+ Lockers: the end of individual desks is compensated by the creation of individual lockers. Now each employee has an individual space dedicated to his personal belongings.

Secondary interventions

These developments also offered the opportunity to renovate all the other spaces of the agency. Thus all the lights in the kitchen have been replaced. Tables were installed in the upstairs offices. Lounges and rest areas have been set up in different areas of the open space.

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