013_The Circus Hotel / Berlin

Location : Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin, Germany
Year : 2016-2017
Client : Private
Surface : /
Budget : 35 K Euros
Status : Completed
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo
Engineer : Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Ramspeck
Contractor : Bernd Euler GmbH

The project that we developed is directly inspired by the Circus hotel logo. Portions of arcs are crossing and intersecting each other to draw a marquee. The fine steel structure is covered with stainless steel. It reflects and distorts the city life, creating an immersive staging of Berlin.

Throughout the seasons the project plays different functions. In summer and in spring, the marquee create a shadow that protects people from the sun. In fall and winter, the project becomes a sculpture, sheltering people from rain and snow. The project is designed in order to take into account the problematic of the protected monuments. In addition to reflecting and enhancing the facade, the marquee is fixed punctually to avoid affecting irreversibly the building structure.

Finally, on a technical and constructive point of view, the project is composed by a steel frame cladded with chromed steel sheets. This simplicity is essential in order to comply to the installation schedule and the project budget.


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