The hospitality management school

Location : Pondorly, Rungis, France
Year : 2016
Client : Fondation Wilmotte
Surface : 5 800 m²
Budget : /
Status : Competition / Distinguished project
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo

A gateway for the parisian metropolis, a gastronomic laboratory for France

Registered in 2010, to the Intangible Heritage of Unesco, the Gastronomic Meal of the French « is a festive meal bringing people together for an occasion to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking ». Whether for a lunch, a reception or a party, the Hospitality Management School is a place open to all, dedicated to the time spent together. The bar and restaurant offer the opportunity to discover the latest culinary creations and innovations developed by the students and their teachers. It is a place of emulation and discovery, in an area of 5700 m2 where learning is mixed with partying.

Building a bridge : a traversing programmatic

The Hospitality Management School project allows us to affirm the essential character of Paul Vimond existing building : crossing the motorway. The city of Rungis is cut in two by the A106, with on one side of the expressway the hotel zone and on the other site the Rungis international market. Our project takes part of this exceptional situation between the two faces of Rungis. In addition to allowing the public passage and student access to fresh products of Rungis International Market, it is a gateway to employment through the 14 hotels located directly next to the site.

Signal : a new architectural ensemble

Our architectural and patrimonial reflection is based on the components grafted year after year on the building. Thus, we restructured the disparate emergency exits in vertical circulations. In addition to allowing students to move between classrooms and experimental spaces, these new circulations support the iconic space of the project : the cloud. The cloud houses a greenhouse with a volume of 16 500m3 dedicated to agricultural research of the students. This space, combined with the technical equipment of the school (ventilation, solar collectors, rainwater reservoir), serves as the air conditioning and heating system of the project throughout the year.

These new Hospitality Management School at the gateway of the Parisian metropolis celebrate the essential features of the French people heritage : our commitment the education, the love of cooking and the time spent together.


12 Rue des Cinq Diamants 75013 Paris France
+33 (0) 7 88 28 97 09