004_Extension House N

Location : Servoz, Les Houches, France
Year : 2014 - 2017
Client : Private
Surface : 23,8 m²
Budget : 40 k Euros
Status : Completed
Team : Jeremy Germe, Chloé Thomazo

At the heart of the French Alps in Haute-Savoie and at the foot of the Mont Blanc, the family N as asked us to create an extension for their chalet. The plot offers a unique view of the Mont Blanc massif. The extension therefore had to take into account this exceptional panorama.

The project functions as a large veranda, reinterpreting the architecture of local wood structures. Our first objective was to be careful to not darken the living room and the existing dining room. The project is therefore characterized by its capability to capture natural light in order to enjoy the beauty of the nature both in summer and winter. This space becomes a transition between the outside environment and the inside environment of the house.

This project is also a research on the quality of use and integrated furniture. Small storage spaces under the window sills help to keep the warm atmosphere of the chalet. Outside, a wooden bench completes the extension: it enables to have a seat to watch the garden, to store some wood or just to keep a few potted plants.


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