Rénovation of the bedrooms of a youth hostel

Location : Rosenthalerplatz, Berlin, Germany
Year : 2018
Client : Private
Surface : n.c.
Budget : 150 k Euros
Status : Competition
Team : Jeremy Germe and Chloé Thomazo

Since the opening of the hostel in 1997, the clients are the greatest strength of the Circus Hostel! We propose to create rooms that as your guests, are in perpetual evolution : a collection unique objects are scattered throughout the rooms and the walls are covered with writable black paint. The layout of the rooms is entirely made of plywood this choice allows to create a warm and playful atmosphere. The writable walls are free expression spaces while the colored walls gives a lively and luminous touch to the space.

The rooms are the perfect place to meet new people while maintaining the privacy of each guest. Many spaces allow to discuss and exchange while the color code of each bed and cupboards allows everyone to find his private environment. Shelves can be used to leave a memory while chalk walls are the perfect place to leave a message or a sketch. Beds and lockers are identifiable by their colors. They are the intimate space of each one.


12 Rue des Cinq Diamants 75013 Paris France
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